Change the Password of your Outlook Account

Along with your Outlook account, you’ll acknowledge and use other email accounts in Outlook. you’ll link Outlook with different email accounts like Gmail, and handle all of your emails in one place. So, before you modify the Outlook account password, determine the account you’re using in Outlook. If you’re not linked to any account with Outlook, then you’d wish to vary your Microsoft account so on vary the password of your Outlook account. during this guide, you’ll study changing the password of Outlook linked accounts, and Outlook (Microsoft) account.

Changing the password of Outlook linked accounts

Though, you’ll change the password of the account linked to Outlook from their own password reset page. But, if you’d wish to vary the password that you simply use to access that email service in Outlook (App passwords), then you’ll reset it directly from the Outlook app. Here is how.

1. Open your Outlook app.

2. And, click ‘File’ at the very best left corner.

3. Click ‘Info’ within the popup menu. this might open the account information section.

In Outlook 2003, you’d wish to click on ‘Tools’ then click on ‘E-mail Accounts’ within the popup menu.

4. Open the ‘Account Settings’ menu then click on ‘Account Settings.“ Doing so displays all the accounts linked to Outlook.

In Outlook 2003, click on ‘View or change existing email accounts.’

5. look for the account whose Outlook password you’d wish to vary and choose it.

Note: this might not change the actual password of the linked email account. If you’d wish to vary the sign-in password of the account, then visit the password-resetting page of that email service.

1. After selecting the account, click on the ‘Change’ button. this might show you the knowledge of the chosen account.

2. attend the Logon Information section, and click on on inside the ‘Password’ field.

3. Now, enter the password into it.

4. Click ‘Next.’

The changes within the password are getting to be saved. Now, Outlook will decide to access the account alongside your provided password. If everything is ok, Congratulations! the message will appear.

Changing the password of your Outlook Account (Microsoft)

The password of your Outlook, Live, and Hotmail email is that the password of your Microsoft account. As all of these accounts need the Microsoft account for signing in. Therefore, to vary the Outlook account’s password, you’ll need to reset the password of your Microsoft account. Hence, this might change the password of the entire services associated with Microsoft, like your Windows, Xbox Live, also as Skype password. If you’re sure about changing the password of your Outlook (Microsoft) account, then here is that the procedure.

1. attend ‘’ to access the password-resetting page of Microsoft.

2. Click ‘I forgot my password’ option and proceed with ‘Next.’

3. Now, provide the e-mail of your Outlook (Microsoft) account and enter the proper captcha.

4. Click ‘Next.’

5. Now, select an option to verify your identity and proceed.

6. refill the security code, which Microsoft has sent you to verify that it’s you.

7. Click ‘Next.’ Reset your password form comes au courant the screen.

8. Now, enter and ensure your new password and save.

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The password of your Outlook account is getting to be changed. Thus, the password for Microsoft and complete Microsoft associated services have been changed. Now, you’ll need to use this password to access your Outlook account also as other Microsoft services.

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